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Matterport may have roots in real estate but the applications reach into every field imaginable, real estate just happens to be where I found it.

I am a ten year veteran of the fire service who began a secondary career as a Realtor with Keller Williams. It didn’t take very many times of pulling searches on the MLS to see that many agents were taking photos of these houses with the camera on their phone. As an agent, I felt like this was a disservice to the sellers of these homes as when a seller contracts us to sell their home…they do so trusting in our expertise in marketing and the quality of the photos (or the number of pictures provided) just didn’t seem to justify the compensation. After listing my first house and contracting a professional photographer, I quickly realized why they’re using their phones but I paid to get the photos anyway because it was the right thing to do.

Fast forward 25 showings on my first listing and I was getting the same feedback every time: “floor plan won’t work for buyers” or “rooms looked bigger online”. I thought…”what am I doing wrong?”, I stated it’s a split floor plan in the details…I provided over 30 photos of the house, the price is super competitive with comps and the house is spotless. It was also very frustrating to the sellers who had to move three toddlers in and out of the house for each showing…it was maddening.
  Then I happened across Matterport and my light bulb came on. After going through many of the interactive tours and even viewing some in 3D (an AMAZING experience BTW), I noted the tour itself was very engaging and fun, the still photos were vivid and had little to none of the distortion that you get when you use a wide angle lens. I knew this was the solution I was looking for and what could be the solution for so many other agents just like me. Imagine what happens if people can “tour” the home on their own schedule…on their phone while sitting on their couch or thousands of miles away fighting for our country or just in another state ready to relocate.  So, I called my photographer and asked if he knew anything about this technology…he said yes and said it would cost $350-$400, just for the scan.
$350-$400 for a 3000 sq ft house!?!?!?!
Let’s face it, even if you’re a luxury agent…no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for the photos of the house you’re selling but this was actually the catalyst for starting Open House Optics. If I was going to invest in buying the camera, learning to use it proficiently and offering it as a service outside of my own listings…I had to be able to make it accessible to agents at every level, so that became my mission statement:  “To make high quality photography and interactive virtual tours accessible and affordable for all and place a premium on agent and business support that lives past the sale”.  So that’s what we did, we offer Matterport 3D Interactive Virtual Tours with value added services like photos and social media marketing at prices that even new agents and businesses can afford and will find worth every penny and we strive to assist all agents and business capitalize on these venues to further their own brands.
Join thousands of satisfied Matterport customers and put yourself ahead of the competition; contact us today to find out how Open House Optics can provide you with solutions that can help you win more listings, sell more products, find new customers and increase public awareness of your brand.
We look forward to serving you.